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College of Liberal Arts

No Compromise Beauty

Free Shipping On Orders $50+

The Biossance Way

The future is clean with us.

We formulate clean, nontoxic skincare using the highest standards in the industry through our commitment to transparency and our blacklist of 2,000+ toxic ingredients.


Free from toxins and harsh chemicals


Eco-friendly formulas and packaging


Clinically proven results

What's In Your Skincare?

It's not always clear

While mainstream products still use toxic ingredients, we are committed to creating nontoxic, clean skincare using our No Compromise™ approach—products that are good for you and safe for the environment.

What is the difference between “clean” and “natural”? Here’s where we stand:



Free from toxic and potentially-harmful ingredients.

Can be toxic or harmful (e.g. poison ivy).

Safe for the planet, sustainable and cruelty-free.

May come from endangered plants (e.g. sandalwood) or animal by-products.

Effective and stable from naturally-derived or nontoxic synthetic sources.

Susceptible to climate and environmental changes, which can reduce efficacy.

What’s On Our Blacklist?

We blacklist 2,000+ ingredients that are either proven to be toxic or potentially toxic for you and the environment. This surpasses regulatory agencies around the world. Currently the US only bans 11 ingredients, while Europe leads the way with 1,367+ that are not allowed for cosmetic use.

Keep it clean

Did you know that laws in the US governing cosmetic safety haven’t changed since 1938? As members of the Counteract Coalition, an alliance of clean beauty brands, we’re advocating to form stricter guidelines and demand safer products through the Personal Care Safety Act. You, too can create change with your buying power. Only purchase products from brands committed to creating nontoxic skincare.

Clean beauty cheat sheet

Download our list of the top 10 ingredients to avoid. Learn how to spot them and why to avoid. Keep it handy while you shop and say “no” to toxic skincare—the power is in your wallet.

Leading the way

In the spirit of transparency, we took clean beauty on the road to educate raise awareness about clean, nontoxic personal care.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP EWG (Environmental Working Group) is an organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.


An IndieFlix Original Documentary

The filmmakers' goal is to have a global conversation and raise awareness around anxiety. Angst features candid interviews with kids and young adults who suffer, or have suffered, from anxiety and what they've learned about it. The film includes discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, as well as help, resources and tools.

The Angst Weekly
Roper Womens Laces Clog Brown tIMu5DaDp

The Mighty: 47 ‘Little Signs’ You’re Recovering From Anxiety

3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer Navy Blue 9jbUY2Wan1

The Mighty’s 4 Things That Help Ease Anxiety


The Mighty’s list of 22 Fictional Characters People With Anxiety Relate To

#MyYoungerSelf with Child Mind Institute

Build Up Your Community

Is anxiety affecting you and the people living in your community? Are you a teacher who sees many students dealing with stress or anxiety? Or a parent with children experiencing anxiety? Help break the stigma around anxiety and get the discussion started today.

BalaMasa Ladies Lace Hollow Out Leopard Pattern American Muffin Buttom Imitated Leather Boots Black hoabDJh

Why isn't this online?

Angst is not available online at this time because we are currently screening the film at schools and community centers across the country. We believe it is important to follow up this film with an in-person discussion. At some point in the near future, we hope to make the film available online as well.

MBT Womens Sport 3 Walking Shoe Black KggpzEAGre

Experts, Educators Public Figures

"Angst is inspirational; the courageous effort made by teens in the film to face their fears and become competent in coping is heart-warming and breath-taking."

"I welcomed the opportunity to be a part of to further the dialogue around mental health and to help people understand the impact anxiety has on our mental state and encourage people, especially kids, to ask for help."

"I also find that anxiety is a debilitating disease with our students and wanted to share your vision and hope with them. "

Students, Teens Parents

"So glad my dad got to see this movie now he knows I'm not making it up."

"I wish this film had existed when I was growing up it would've saved me and my family a lot of heartache."

"I never knew that what I was experiencing was severe anxiety I'm so grateful to know that there is treatment."

"It's powerful, spot-on, genuine, educational and hopeful. Well done!!"

Angst Gallery

We know anxiety can cause you, your loved ones, and your friends a lot of stress. Here are some of the resources we believe can help. This list has been examined by experts in the mental health field and will continue to grow. Please note these are just recommendations, and not "one size fits all".

To run spell checker on Linux box you should install it first:

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The file is managed using towncrier tool and all non trivial changes must be accompanied by a news entry.

To add an entry to the news file, first you need to have created an issue describing the change you want to make. A Pull Request itself function as such, but it is preferred to have a dedicated issue (for example, in case the PR ends up rejected due to code quality reasons).

Once you have an issue or pull request, you take the number and you create a file inside of the directory named after that issue number with an extension of , , , or . Thus if your issue or PR number is and this change is fixing a bug, then you would create a file . PRs can span multiple categories by creating multiple files (for instance, if you added a feature and deprecated/removed the old feature at the same time, you would create and ). Likewise if a PR touches multiple issues/PRs you may create a file for each of them with the exact same contents and will deduplicate them.

The contents of this file are formatted text that will be used as the content of the news file entry. You do not need to reference the issue or PR numbers here as will automatically add a reference to all of the affected issues when rendering the news file.

Making a Pull Request Bamboo Womens Sherin01 Sandal White rYymRt5m

After finishing all steps make a GitHub Pull Request with base branch.


All Pull Requests are created against git branch.

If the Pull Request is not a new functionality but bug fixing to maintenance branch would be desirable.

project committer may ask for making a of the PR into maintained branch(es), in this case he or she adds a github label like .

Find for cherry-picking.

does PRs on merging, so open your PR page on github and scroll down to message like . is the required commit number.

Run cherry_picker tool for making backport PR (the tool is already pre-installed from ), e.g. .

In case of conflicts fix them and continue cherry-picking by .

stops the process.

shows current cherry-picking status (like )

After all conflicts are done the tool opens a New Pull Request page in a browser with pre-filed information. Create a backport Pull Request and wait for review/merging.

should remove after merging the backport.

How to become an aiohttp committer


The easiest way is providing Pull Requests for issues in our bug tracker. But if you have a great idea for the library improvement – please make an issue and Pull Request.

The rules for committers are simple:

After positive answer aiohttp committer creates an issue on github with the proposal for nomination. If the proposal will collect only positive votes and no strong objection – you’ll be a new member in our team.

Async HTTP client/server for asyncio and Python

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